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The Bear Cave

New theatre work
The Bear Cave
developed in collaboration with Hannah Watkins

A one act play
Set in a garden shed in rural England
Early December, the near future
Cast:    Katherine, mid 50s
           Sue, mid 30s

Running time approximately 75 minutes.       

Sue  and Colin are married. They have agreed to visit Colin’s mum, Kathy, to  keep her company over the weekend while Richard, her husband is away in  Germany for a few days singing with a choir. Kathy plans a weekend of  treats for Colin and Lucas, his 4 year old son by a previous  relationship.  

When Sue arrives, Colin isn’t with her.  

And  Kathy is sheltering in Richard’s shed at the bottom of their garden.   There’s been a power cut, and the shed has a wood burning stove and  camping-gas lanterns.  It’s the first time that Kathy and Sue have spent  time alone together. And Richard’s shed is his domain and a very male  environment.

Soon  after Sue arrives, Colin rings from a police station.  He’s been taking  part in an anti-fracking demonstration, and has been arrested. Then Sue  stumbles upon a leather wallet containing Orient Express tickets to  Venice.  Is it a surprise present from Richard to his wife, or something  far more threatening?   

And  gradually the two women, who have constructed their identities around  the men in their lives – Colin, Richard and Lucas – are forced to find  strength in each other.  And they start to confront the dark secrets  they have each been denying.

The play has not yet received a professional production. Contact me if you want to read a copy of the script.
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