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Creative writing



I regularly run creative writing workshops (usually focusing on play writing) in a variety of contexts - for theatres, in prisons, for universities, for community groups, arts centres, for drama associations and for schools.

I am available to run workshops on any of the following:

Playwriting for all ages
Educational Drama
Theatre Directing and Devising

Workshop fees are by negotiation, but I usually charge between £250 and £500 per day. The precise amount depends on the kind of workshop and the amount of preparation and travel involved. Please contact me via the CONTACT page on this website.

I offer a script analysis and mentoring services for writers who want to write for theatre.

How it works
In the first instance, contact me by email to give a brief idea of the stage you are at with your project. I will then arrange a phone or Zoom call to talk through what you want and what I can offer. There is no charge for that initial call.

Assuming what I'm offering is what you need, you then send me a play or an extract from a play. I read the  material you send, and write up detailed and specific comments as well as overall  suggestions as to how you might improve and develop the play.  If you  have specific questions about the play, you should include those in your  accompanying email. Click here for testimonials from people who have made use of this service.

How much it costs
The fee I charge is at a rate of £40 per hour of my time.  For  example, if the material you send would run at about 80 minutes (80  pages using standard layout), that would probably be three to four hours work,  so there’d be a charge of between £120 and £160.  I will ask for £50 in advance for a  full length script, £25 in advance for an extract or a shorter play. I  will then invoice for the balance due with the return of the playscript  and my comments / suggestions.

I am now also offering a mentoring service. This will be tailored  to the needs of individuals, but would include feedback on several  drafts of a script and telephone tutorials as requested and as  appropriate.  It would normally only be something I offer to someone who  has sent in a script for detailed  appraisal – but if you have a specific proposal, please contact me. As with the script analysis service, I make no charge for discussing (on the phone or via Zoom) how the mentoring might work for you.

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