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from writers who have made use of the script analysis and/or mentoring service I offer

‘Brian Woolland is a true teacher and man of the theatre who  understands the challenges facing an emerging playwright. Brian sees what you’re trying to do and helps you get there, not by telling you  what to do but by enabling you to see your own direction more clearly.  His responses to my scripts are generous, sensitive and thorough; they   have always opened new doors and a bonus is they reach well beyond the  actual text I asked him to look at.’      
Marina Jenkyns
Marina’s play, Sea Changes, was produced in 2019 at the Camden Fringe Festival, and revived in Oxford later in the year.

‘I have highly valued Brian’s always thoughtful and incisive  comments on the drafts of my first play. He is a careful, patient  reader, thinks of novel angles and ideas, and is always frank and honest  in his opinions without discouraging a rookie playwright like myself. I  grew in confidence and benefited hugely from his input.’   
Orlando Figes.
Orlando’s play, The Sinecure, was produced at the Jermyn Street Theatre, London, in February March 2023.

‘I have received invaluable detailed and constructive feedback  and commentary on three scripts from Brian Woolland over the last two  years without which I would not have been able to progress the plays to  the level they are now and my understanding of playwriting has deepened  exponentially from the process.’       
Rachael O’Connor
Rachael’s play I’m Not Here was given a rehearsed reading at The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh in 2019.

Working with Brian transformed my capacity to write dialogue and develop dramatic structure in my stories.  His approach is highly practical, very respectful of the variety of creative impulses and imaginations, but also critical where it counts.  He has enabled me to bring an idea for a play to final draft. Couldn’t have done it otherwise.
         Aaron Cass.
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